Steve McDaniel on Sky Hub UAP/UFO Tracking Software

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Steve McDaniel is a founder and lead software developer of Sky Hub. Sky Hub is a community of volunteers that is dedicated to developing UAP/UFO Tracking software that enables users to deploy Sky Hub Trackers to help research the UFO/UAP Phenomenon. Steve has over 20 years of technical experience over a wide range of industries. Seventeen plus years of experience includes software development, reverse engineering, windows/linux kernel development and developing highly distributed systems. Several years of experience using a variety of debugging tools, profiling tools, and software assurance tools. Spent 5 years in Naval Intelligence and total of 16 years in the Intelligence Community.

Steve was also the one to discover the UAP report request by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in the Intelligence Authorization Act for 2021. We will discuss how McDaniel found this information and how it relates to his software driven search for UAP information. We’ll also get his observations and perspectives on recent UFO news.