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(Explicit) Welcome to the HOLOSKY podcast with your hosts Steve and Kyle, where we cover all things paranormal from aliens, ghosts, missing people, conspiracies and much much more.

Let's get weird.

Star Wars Death Cult

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Welcome back to the show everyone, on this episode we have a submission from a man who recently gets baptized. After doing so he is warned that things in life will soon test him and his faith. The warning will soon come true when his life takes many hardships. He has medical issues that arise and so does his wife. They find out that they are expecting only to be told that the baby may not make it. Then his faith is put to the test even more. An entity forces itself inside his head and try to convince him to commit a sin explaining to him that he is already destined for hell. He stands fast only to have something begin to claw at his cheek. Then we dive into a very strange cult Steve stumbled across. The order of the black sun. They started off as a sith LARP style group only to evolve into something far more sinister. We hope you enjoy the show everyone and as always stay safe and stay weird. 


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