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Spooky Tales from South Winnipeg

Well…that’s a lie. This week, Jas and Sher, your Audio Curators, are pleased to have 2 guests join us in the PodCellar as the Pod Lounge would be too hot and packed to record (pardon the soothing aquarium sounds in the background and the cringe-worthy furnace on its last screechy legs) We lied because our guests Doris and Colleen have several tales to share. They currently live in the Southern part of Winnipeg, however their scary tales have origins in Beausejour as well as Dunrea, Manitoba.

It as starts when they were kids, and even more frightening, their tales continue on as there seems to be something that has either followed them, or is receptive to their energy. However when you are a parent, and something starts to ‘haunt’ or pick on your children, you feel helpless.
Listen as Doris and Colleen give a timeline as to when it all starts in their life early on and when it stops to harass them…..or has it?

Episode 65!! We also want to shout out a listener – Josh C. from Australia!! Who messaged our FB page. Thank you so much for your support Josh, it means the world to us