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Brazil or officially named ‘The Federative Republic of Brazil’ is the largest country in both South America and Latin America, boasting a massive 8.5 million square kilometers in size and inhabiting almost 215 million civilians. Encompassed by the gigantic Amazon rainforest and tropical oceans, the country is known for its diversity of people as well as its 40,000 plant species, 1,300 bird species and 427 mammals, which reside within its perimeters. Samba, coffee, football and the world famous Carnival are part of the allure and characteristics that make up the South American nation. Unfortunately; like everything else, the country has had its fair share of issues and criticisms over the years, such as its crime rates, drug cartels and its handling of the Covid-19 outbreak. However; unlike a lot of other countries in the world, Brazil has racked up a massive number of UFO and / or extra-terrestrial activity, dating back to the years of the Second World War.

What is it about Brazil that makes this fascinating country a notable hotspot for UFO and alien sightings? What stories have made the headlines? And what can we – and the country's government – learn from these stories? Join us as we travel to the shores of our Portuguese speaking neighbors and to the gloriousness of the Amazon to investigate yet more bizarre cases which haunt the skies and landscapes, in this episode of Destination Declassified.

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