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Is it the isolation? The stillness that seems to accompany snowstorms that amps up these paranormal encounters. Or is it the stillness that encompasses the environment, creating the perfect backdrop for the unexplained? This week on Hidden in The Shadows we explore the chilling connections between snowstorms and paranormal experiences. From apparitions appearing out of thin air, shadowy figures lurking amongst the trees and whispers carried through the silence. From historic tales of ghostly encounters during blizzards to modern day accounts of unexplained phenomenon. We dive into stories and theories dedicated to this week’s topic!

Correction Disclaimer: There’s a part in this episode will Megan says “yes these are all accounts that occurred in England. It should have been these are all accounts that occurred in the UK.”

We’ll Catch You Weirdos In The Next One…

What’s coming next?: Our Next episode will be diving into Time.

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