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I’ve got that Somerton, Somerton Sadness!

Hi weirdos!

Welcome to YET ANOTHER Unsolved Mystery!  These are some of our favorite episodes and FOR GOOD REASON because jeez oh man these cases just keep getting weirder and weirder.

Last week we discussed the Voynich Manuscript and you’ll get a little bonus Voynich theory at the beginning of this episode.  This week Lauren is bringing us one of our all time favorite mysteries; the case of the Somerton Man (aka Tamam Shud.)

Picture this… a guy found dead on the beach in 1948.  No ID. No apparent cause of death.  And in his pocket is a strange note that just says “Tamam Shud.”

And now imagine… that this is the LEAST CRAZY THING ABOUT THIS CASE!! 

Join us as Lauren takes us through the days of the investigation, the theories as to what may have went down, and even some RECENT UPDATES in one of the strangest mysteries in history.

Join us next week for our final mystery… which is… ALSO a mystery.  Follow us on social media @keepitweirdcast to get clues to our next episode!