The Talegate Podcast

Hosted ByAaron the Cheesehead & Harrison the Florida Man

(Explicit) Cheesehead and Florida Man are on a roadtrip, following a dowsing pendulum across America, to uncover the mysteries behind tall tales, fairy tales, folktales, fishtales, & urban legends, one interview at a time! You get to hear the true history, evidence, and lore of these beloved figures from their own mouths, alongside author and celebrity interviews. Our podcast is accompanied by transcripts and show notes as well, for those who prefer to read, need to translate, or may be hearing impaired.

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S1E2 – José Gaspar

Spread the loveEvery year since 1904, Florida has hosted the largest...

S1E1 – The Florida Skunk Ape

Spread the loveThe Talegaters interview the Florida Skunk Ape for the...

S1E0 – Welcome to the Talegate!

Spread the loveJoin the Talegaters, Cheesehead and Florida Man, as they...