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The Talegaters interview the Florida Skunk Ape for the real story behind the ancient legendary cryptid dating back to the Mayakka Tribe. Taking a deep peek at decades of photo and video evidence, The Talegate is on the hunt to find whether or not these testimonies are legitimate or mere myth. 

The Skunk Ape is common folklore throughout the Southeast United States, chiefly Florida, Alabama, and Georgia. Though reports of the Skunk Ape or Swamp Ape first appeared in papers in the 1960s and -70s, most famously Dave Shealy's encounter in 1974, this magnificent and mysterious creature predates settlers. The Esti Capcaki, or “Cannibal Giant” is a staple of Seminole (Creek Confederacy) and similar stories existed with Myakka tribes as well. 

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