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After the Ides of March and the curse of war campaigns in the air, the stage is set for a possible escalation of ongoing conflicts. The controllers of this world have put us in the Orwellian mindset that we have always been at war and that it is imperative to keep the very structure of society intact. The Biden administration and NATO seem to be using Orwell and 1984 as a blueprint for war and if you are following along with the dire situation between Russia and Ukraine, it does not seem to be abating. In addition, many people are in denial about a possible civil war at our borders. It is already there in spirit — and all it takes is for a group of insurgents to get through to make bombs and take up arms against Americans. Having allowed the government to expand and exceed our reach, we find ourselves on the losing end of a tug-of-war over control of our country and our lives. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about SLEEPWALKING THROUGH WORLD WAR III.

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