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The Super Bowl encompasses commercialized religion, occult ritualism, and totemic worship. The conspiracy netizens have had a heyday since Taylor Swift entered the picture. Fox’s Jesse Watters aired a video claiming that “the Pentagon Psychological Operations Unit floated turning Taylor Swift into an asset.” Another theory was that because of Swift’s prolific social influence, this Super Bowl was going to be an endorsement for President Joe Biden, and, the system would be rigged for the Kansas City (Secret) Chiefs to win. This annual sporting event of gladiators relates to the dynamic aspect of ultimate reality and is a metaphoric enactment of war. It illustrates archetypes of heroes and villains while painting a picture of what is to come – an oracle of the future. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with esoteric author and host of The Secret Teachings, Ryan Gable about SWIFT KICK IN THE BOWLS.

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