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The infiltration at the border is one of the reasons people are leaving in droves — moving from state to state and sometimes, to other countries to escape what some see as inevitable civil war in this country. Moreover, the so-called leaders of our various state and federal governments are building the infrastructure for Smart Cities to herd us into smaller and more efficient areas so we see it as practical and convenient. The reality, however, is that as we divide and create regions and districts, they are more readily able to control our daily lives. The powers that be want us to remain divided – alienated from each other based on our politics, bank accounts, religion, race, and value systems. Yet, as George Orwell observed, “The real division is not between conservatives and revolutionaries but between authoritarians and libertarians.” Tonight on Ground Zero (7-10pm, pacific time), Clyde Lewis talks with social media influencer and podcaster, Kash Kelly about EXODUS – PARTING THE RED AND THE BLUE.

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