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Since the rise of mankind, there have been stories of the spirits of the dead returning to haunt the living. They borrow from us our life energy to appear. Some societies revere the spirits of their ancestors, but even these myths include angry ghosts who prey upon the hapless mortals. Could it be that ghosts use quantum entanglement to appear? The recording of events within the subatomic weave gives rise to an afterimage and depending on the intensity of the emotion and the permeability of the quantum state, different “types” of ghosts can be created. The “Ghostbuster Theory” of ions and proton packs to explore the supernatural and subdue ghosts might be closer to scientific reality than we think. Tonight on Ground Zero (7-10pm, pacific time), Clyde Lewis talks with paranormal investigators, Ryan Mick, Russell Marquez, and Aaron Collins about GHOSTING THE GHOSTS.

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