Shadows in the Desert: with Derek Hayes (Monsters Among Us) and David Flora (Blurry Photos)

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Yesterday, a new paranormal documentary was released on several streamers and platforms including Apple TV and Amazon Prime. It’s called Shadows in the Desert, and it was directed by, written by, and stars Derek Hayes (Monsters Among Us) and David Flora (Blurry Photos). I even make a couple appearances in the film as well! So on today’s bonus episode, I sat down with Derek and David and we discussed the challenges they faced creating a film in 115+ degree weather, the importance of conducting honest investigations, whether bigfoot is physical or spiritual in nature, and why YOU should check out the beauty and mystery of the Anza-Borrego triangle.

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Derek Hayes Bio:
Derek Hayes is the creator and host of award-winning podcast, Monsters Among Us, an anthology of real paranormal stories told by the witnesses themselves. Hayes has also appeared as an on-camera expert on the Travel Channel series Paranormal Caught On Camera, seasons 1-4. He currently calls the mountains above Los Angeles home, but originates from the backwoods of Southeast Ohio. Hayes has also appeared on the Travel Channel series In Search Of Monsters, and has spoken on panels at AlienCon, LA ComicCon, and CryptidCon.

David Flora Bio:
David Flora is a Kentucky-born, Colorado-based actor, writer and podcaster. An 11-year podcast veteran, he hosts the award-winning paranormal podcast Blurry Photos. He also co-hosts a trivia podcast, Quiz Quiz Bang Bang and another paranormal podcast, Hysteria 51, and a short story pod, 5-Minute Frights. You can hear more of his narration on Audible or Amazon, where he has numerous audiobooks as well.