Seth and Jane Roberts: Part 2 of 2 – Jan 6, 2024

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Part II. Seriah is once again joined by Chris Ernst, Jack Huntington, and Matt Festa for a continuing super deep dive into the Seth material. While this is a further focused episode, the discussion is still wide-ranging. Topics include an academic paper “Problems of Seth’s Origins”, Jane Roberts’ three non-Seth books on psychical interpretations of three famous painters, past-life regression and historical figures, cryptomnesia, coordination points, portals, fixed events in history, the return of Christ, a video game analogy, the Oversoul, alternate selves, the film “Everywhere All at Once”, the concept of the multi-verse, the TV show “Lost”, the film “No One Will Save You”, Jane Roberts’ personal experience while channeling Seth, the soul-structure of Seth/Jane/Robert, transparency, Robert Shock, Edgar Cayce, the “Seth II” entity, non-linear time, Jane’s previous incarnation as “Rupert”, Carl Jung, Jane Roberts’ educational level, an incident involving Jane Roberts predicting the future pre-Seth, varying quality of channeled material, trans-personal psychologist Arthur Hastings, Norman Friedman, an Islamophobic comment by Jane Roberts, genius and muses, telepathy, psychic testing, possible debunking explanations and their flaws, the Dead Sea Scrolls and symbols, creation and art, practical health advice from Seth and Feng-Shui, the upstate New York “Burned-Over District”, Lord Byron, Carlos Castenada, opinions of the validity of the Seth material, and much more! Despite being a specific show, this a widely varied conversation, full of fascinating discussion!

– Recap by Vincent Treewell ofThe Weird Part Podcast

Outro Music: The Living Room with Pretty Good for a Failure