Series 4 Episode 7 -A Conversation with Paranormal Author and Investigator – Silvia Shultz

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Like me, Sylvia Shults is a collector of ghost stories and author but she is also a paranormal investigator. We had a fun conversation about our activities, what we had learned from them and about how she likes the historical context of the stories.

She is the author of several books of paranormal nonfiction, including 44 Years in Darkness, Fractured Spirits: Hauntings at the Peoria State Hospital, and Ghosts of the Illinois River. She lives a short distance away from the haunted asylum that features in so many of her books. She considers it the highest privilege to share the incredible, compassionate history of the Peoria State Hospital. As a paranormal investigator, she has made many media appearances, including a tiny part in the Ghost Hunters episode “Prescription for Fear”, about the asylum.

Sylvia’s books can be found at many libraries, and have been featured in area book clubs. Her most recent book, 44 Years in Darkness, has been named a runner-up in the Shelf Unbound Indie Book Contest, and has received a five-star review from Reader’s Choice. She is also a highly sought-after speaker, especially in October.

Sylvia’s nonfiction books can be found on Amazon and she also maintains a blog at

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