September Spirit Messages: Refining, Redefining, and Embracing Balance

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Episode Highlights:

  • Setting Intentions with Spirit: Set the intention with the spirit world for this month’s messages.

  • Refining and Creating Space: Explore the concept of “refine” from last month’s message. Make room for creative pursuits by gently scaling back and refocusing attention.

  • Redefining Goals and Aspirations: Reflect on achieved goals and reset aspirations. Dream bigger and break free from limitations.

  • Balance: Steady, Not Perfect: Reimagine balance as an emotion of feeling steady and safe. Embrace imbalance as part of the human experience.

  • Resourcing Ourselves Deeper: Seek and utilize available resources, opening up to help and opportunities.

  • Reclaiming Personal Power: Gain personal power from refining and redefining. Let go of shame around changing desires.

  • Balanced-ish and Foundation: Embrace “balanced-ish” in human experience. Explore a new foundation for purpose and being.

  • Embracing Discomfort: Accept discomfort as part of growth and change. Trust in the process.

  • Spectrum of Emotions: Prepare for a range of emotions. Embrace discomfort as a bridge to expansion.

  • Prosperity and Abundance: Acknowledge prosperity after discomfort and loss. Attract new opportunities through change.

  • Trusting Inner Guidance: Let your inner spirit guide through discomfort. Choose safe discomfort for sustainable change.

  • Conclusion: Reflect on refining, redefining, and embracing balance. Trust the process and inner work’s rewards.

  • Outro: In September, embrace the journey of refining and redefining. Trust inner guidance for growth and expansion. Together, we navigate discomfort to find transformation and purpose.