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Gene and cohost Tim Swartz present Hercules Invictus, who is Greek and knows a lot about Greek mythologies along with UFOs, the paranormal, etc. He is a motivational speaker and has contributed material about his research to a lot of books from Tim Beckley’s publishing company over the years. He dedicated his earthly sojourn to studying, sharing and applying the legacy and lessons of the Gods and Goddesses of Greek Mythology who reside on Mount Olympus. Invictus is currently involved with several social causes, teaches, conducts workshops and hosts The Elysium Project, Pride of Olympus and Voice of Olympus podcasts. He also writes for magazines on occasion, has published two e-books and his most recent article appears as a chapter in the book, “Alien Artifacts: Incredible Evidence of Exotic Material From UFO Encounters,” which also features a chapters from Gene and Tim.