Secret Society of Good Guys 00:19 | Illuminati, Boule, Shriners, Clones and More!

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This is episode is the first 2 and a half hours of my first appearance on the Secret Society of Good Guys Podcast. they had me on to talk Secret Societies of course. here is what they wrote: Most people have heard of The Freemasons, Illuminati or Skull and Bones. But, have you ever wondered about the other hush hush groups, we pretend not to know about? How much do other fraternal orders, have to do with the secret ones? Are woman or other sororities involved? What about other minorities? Have you heard of The Boule? How easy is it for us to join? Have you ever been approached? Are you ready to curl up in the coffin of shame and dive deep into secret societies with us? We hope Mystic Mark is. If his family doesn’t think he is crazy enough, wait until we ask him what he would do to his clone. See you Friday Night after Midnight… RED of be READ! Watch the full episode and support the podcast here:

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