Season 3 Finale – Former USAF Counterintelligence Agent, Walter Bosley

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FearScape Paranormal Podcast is back with their 2021 Season Finale! In the final full episode of the year, the Spooky Crew interviews Author and Publisher of The Lost Continent Library, Walter Bosley. He is a former USAF counterintelligence agent, an AFOSI special agent, and has even worked with the FBI. He has ties to the UFO Phenomena and also happens to be a P.I.! Josh and Stefan dig deep into two of Walters loves: Hollow Earth and the Secret Space Program. This is not an episode to miss! The listener story this week comes from a listener named Jenna out of Texas and the boys have been saving this one for quite some time and the Season Finale is that moment and this true-life encounter will rock you to your core. Tune in now and make sure to hold those blankets extra tight as the boys take you deep into… the FearScape!
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