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Screams of the Dead – Liss Rd Axe Murder, St. Andrews MB

On this week’s episode we actually discuss a True Crime Murder as the result of a direct message from a listener.

When someone dies unexpectedly it is always a tragic situation, but when someone is senselessly murdered, it is the living that are left to try and comprehend the evil involved to commit such a heinous act.

Jas and Sher, your audio curators uncovered a disturbing chain of events that happened on a cold November night in 1973 where two Winnipeg brothers were left for dead. However, to this day you can still hear the echo of their screams pierce through the fields as a remembrance to a horrific axe murder that took place decades earlier.

But that doesn’t explain why weird occurrence happen at the other end of Liss Rd in St. Andrews…..there is more happening by the Red River portion as well….Listen in to tonight’s episode hear the whole story.

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