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Bob Garrett returns and speaks with the witness and gives us his feedback.

Tonight we speak to Joe who had an encounter in East Texas. He wrote to me a few weeks back and here is what he wrote: “Wes I’m a Paramedic on the coastal bend area in east tx and I discovered your show about 7 months ago when one of these things started vocalizing at us and throwing rocks and large limbs at our unit at about 345 am when our ambulance got a flat on a country road after transporting a patient to his residence way out in the country,my partner and other first responders have ran into these things in the past but I would always laugh it off until that night,Wes this thing came out of the woods and charged our ambulance.my partner accidentally switched on our siren and then we heard large foot falls then a huge rock hit the side of the unit followed by a large log it screamed at us after that we both got in the unit and sat for about 5 minutes I told my partner to shut everything off except the flood light when he did that he hit the code 3 lights because his hands wouldn’t stop shaking I then shut them off immediately when I turned to face the woods it was already standing about 30 ft away curly up its mouth at us me and my partner couldn’t move for about the first 5 seconds and then our first responders auto pilot must off kicked in,we started to lock the doors and advised central that to contact P.D. the thing must not off liked the fact we were moving around in there and that’s when he charged the unit the ambulance ended rocking almost to one side I don’t want people to think we’re crazy or lose my job but I’ve had nightmares ever since and I hate taking 911 calls in the country now or transfers.”