SC EP:968 We Saw The Creature And It Was Gigantic

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Lisa writes “I was 10 or 11 when it came up behind our house. I was in my bed and the window was open above my head. My mother was in the bathroom just finishing a shower and the bathroom window was open as well. The bathroom was next to my bedroom.

I heard something walking outside that sounded like a man walking, breaking sticks and crunching leaves as it walked. It came close enough to my bedroom window that I could hear it breathing. It was a raspy deep guttural breathing not only on exhale, but also on inhale. I became frozen in place, terrified out of my mind. Just paralyzed with fear. I couldn’t speak or scream or move or anything. I’m not even sure I was breathing.

My mom came running out of the bathroom yelling at me to get out of bed. I couldn’t answer her and I could hear the fear in her voice. She managed to come into my room and grab my leg and jerk on me while she said she avoided looking at the window. I guess that broke my paralysis and she managed to half drag me out of the bed and we ran into the hallway.

Just as we were trying to explain to my grandmother what was happening, something hit the back of the house really hard. It shook the whole house. My grandmother got her gun and we huddled together in the kitchen. The kitchen had a small window not really big enough to see anything out of that might be in the backyard, so we eased our way into the dining room where a larger window was. At this time, they were thinking someone was trying to break into the house, maybe knowing only 2 women and a young girl were there.

We tried to look out the big window, but it was pitch black and we couldn’t see anything, which didn’t make sense because there was always a light out by the driveway that would illuminate the back and front yard at least a little all the time.

As my grandmother and my Mom were commenting on that, something moved away from the window sideways. At that moment, we all realized that we couldn’t see anything out of the window because this huge hairy thing was standing in front of it blocking the entire window! Now just imagine that feeling! We were freaked out! And even thinking back on this gives me chills every time I tell this to anyone.

This big hairy thing was inches from our faces and we had no idea!

Anyway, as it moved from center to the left of the window, back toward my bedroom, we saw that it was gigantic and covered in brown hair.

I don’t remember the remainder of the night except that I slept in my mother’s room and the following day we moved my bed away from the window to the other side of the room.

The breathing I will never forget. It has left a scar on me since that night. I guess it is a form of childhood PTSD. Though that term didn’t even exist back then. I never want to be that close again, but I gotta know exactly what that was, you know?”



I will also be speaking with Alan.  Alan and his father were hunting in Colorado. This incident took place in 1975, Alan and his father were awaken to their truck being rocked from side to side. To this day Alan’s father will not speak about what he saw. In 2015 Alan was in Washington State and he describes this strange vocal he heard while fishing and everyone in the area left because of fear.