SC EP:965 Strange Encounter At Fort Hood 2002

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A listener writes “I’m originally from the Wasatch front in Northern Utah and grew up with Bigfoot stories, and a few interesting encounters as a kid.

However I served 11 years in the US Army, as a infantryman/ranger. In August 2002 I had a strange encounter during guard duty. It behaved similar to a Bigfoot, however it didn’t. I was an NCO, and was in charge of a 3 man guard detail guarding ammunition for a live fire range. The story is a long one, as it stalked us and encircled us all night. I do not believe it was a Bigfoot, and I have been researching what it could have been for over 20 years.

I had already been to Afghanistan at this time, and this may have been one of the most frightening moments of my life, and I don’t scare easily. However one of your episodes talks about a creature that was nearly cloaked, and I believe that’s what it may have been.”

Spoke to the witness and he said “We were preparing to go to Iraq. We setup a AHA (Ammunition Holding Area). I was relieving this NCO and he said coyotes were circling him all night and he did not sleep all night. I thought it was strange. He went into describing what happen that night that he was at the AHA area. Its a long encounter but it was a strange night. The witness describes the forest going silent, no insects..nothing. We had stuff that was taken from our staging area. I walked into a cold spot. There was foot steps walking straight towards me. One of the infantryman kept saying “oh $h**, oh $h**” what ever it was went into the thicket. I stopped and a rock was thrown at me, a very large rock. I am thinking someone is messing with us. This thing circled us for 2 hours that night. I could not figure out what it was.”