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Tonight I speak with three eyewitnesses.

The first person I speak to is Bill who works for the Sheriff’s Department. Bill and his brother had an encounter several years back when their truck was slapped and pushed while they waited for the sun to come up so they could start their hunt. Bill was able to get a glimpse of a very large creature retreating back into the woods.

The next witness I speak to was hiking down a trail with his family when he noticed a black bear on one side of the trail and a Sasquatch on the other side. “DC” said that he has not shared the encounter story with anyone due to being afraid of being ridiculed.

The final guest tonight is Kurt and he describes an encounter with a creature peaking around a tree as him and another individual were fishing and floating down the river.

As you listen to all three encounters notice the similarities in their description of the creature that they saw. I will be posting the rest of my interview with Kurt later in the week, time ran out for the show but Kurt and I spoke in detail about his research since his encounter. I hope everyone enjoys the show.