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Bigfoot witness-turned-researcher, Todd M. Neiss, has been an active investigator for more than 20 years. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, he grew up hearing of these legendary creatures, alternately known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch, but gave it little credibility beyond that of Native American lore or a good old-fashioned campfire tale designed to frighten young campers.

All of that changed for Todd in the spring of 1993.

As a Sergeant in the Army’s 1249th Combat Engineer Battalion, he came face to face with three of the elusive beasts in the temperate rain forest of Oregon’s Coast Range while conducting high-explosives training. His sighting was independently corroborated by three fellow soldiers who also witnessed the creatures.

We will also include an interview with an aggressive Sasquatch a man had in Colorado. This encounter borders just short of an attack.