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A listener wrote the show “My friends and I were chased out of the woods by one when we were twelve. This happened in Georgia, in 1974. We were back in the swampy, sandy creek bottom, and were going to make a fort out of the bamboo that grew there. The first thing that happened is that the woods got completely silent – the birds and tree frogs had stopped their chirping. Then we heard a branch snap about 20 yards behind us in the dense brush. We thought to ourselves, what if some crazy guy with a knife was about to off us all, so we started to file out of there, when we heard this wild animal scream behind us, and could hear the footfalls running towards us. None of us ( about five of us ) saw it because we all tore out of there as fast as we could. We had to run up this ridge and follow it out to the subdivision. We got back over to our culdesac, and discussed what it was that chased us out. We had seen The Legend of Boggy Creek a year before, so I guess that’s why we settled on Bigfoot as the likely explanation. To make a long story short, in the next four months ( this happened in February ) we got to see one adult, about a seven footer and two juveniles, all three of which came up behind our houses on the culdesac , each on a separate occasion. I would love to chat with you guys about all my experiences and about the subject in general.”

We will also be talking to Justin Steely, director of the new film “Hunting the Legend