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A listener writes: “Hey, I just started to listen to the show after having a sighting behind my house in east Texas. I moved in this place 2 months ago.

I hear them often not yelling or anything like that. I did hear knocking in the front of the house, tree breaking and I found tree structures. There are lots of deer in the area and I have a drainage creek behind my house. So I think they may have been hunting here. No one lives in the house for a year before I bought it.

This last Sunday I heard my dog in the woods and it sounded like it was got hurt. I ran out of the house and there was my dog sitting in the front and nothing was wrong. I think that the Bigfoot made that sound to get me or the dogs in the woods. Latter that night my wife was on the porch and heard something banging around and the heard tree branches braking on the other side of the yard. She came and got me I didn’t here anything but she said it had to be two of them.

I also saw a print that might be from Bigfoot. It was 12″ long 6″ wide. The Bigfoot was about 7′ tall was at twilight so it looked like a dark shadow very upright with a round head and big shoulders no neck, long legs. I didn’t notice the arms. I am wondering if they could be watching us and may harm us. I’m doing my best to give them there space. Thanks for your time. If you have any insight let me know thanks”

I will also be welcoming Duke to the show. Duke stops by to discuss his conspiracy theories and info on past insider shows.