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Join me tonight as I speak to Joe. Joe is a skilled hunter and trapper and shares his encounter with us when he was deep in the Adirondack’s Joe writes ” I have been a hunter and trapper my whole life. I have ran into every wildlife known to man in that area but what I ran into that night changed my life. I was in a very remote location, so remote that I spent all day kayaking to get into my spot. I thought the first night was bad hearing something bang on tree’s most of the night but the following night was much worse. This “thing” was around my camp most of the night and when it roared at me I was terrified. Wes I have never heard anything like this before, it roared at me like a lion and was shaking the bushes like an ape would do. I prayed for daylight. The next morning I found human like tracks that were 15 inches long next to my tent. I had to leave. There is so much more to the story but it was scary…”