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My brother Woody joins me on the show tonight to talk about what we experienced up at Yacolt on Christmas night. I hope everyone enjoys tonight’s show. I have a video shot and I am working on editing it and posting it to the site.

I also will be speaking to Jean who is from Washington and had an encounter a few years back. Jean writes “I’ve been listening to your show for about a year now. What drew me to it came from looking up information about Bigfoot on the net and I ran across your show. My family also listens as well. After a bit of discussion off and on about telling someone what happened to us, my family was in agreement that I could contact you. In 2004, we went camping with a couple other families at Chambers Lake on Ft. Lewis over the Memorial Day weekend. There was eight people all together and three dogs. Where we were camping was by the lake but actually in a picnic area, because all the designated sites had already been occupied when we arrived. We were all tent camping. Anyway, when we were setting up camp, we noticed that one of the cement picnic tables was smash, like some sort of ordinance had hit it a while back. we thought it was strange but just used the other table instead. Our dog we tethered to the broken picnic table. This was a Friday. In the early evening we all heard some strange sounds, and asked another camper about it, and he told us that he thought someone was training dogs near by, it didn’t sound like that to us, but we accepted the answer he gave.

So we were camping and having fun. No one was drunk, a few of us had small kids to tend to, and we were just camping. When night was starting to come we started a fire. We were talking for several hours and everything was fine. A while later some went to their tents for the night, I and three others continued talking around the campfire. Then we heard something strange. Across from our campsite was a gravel road, and beyond that was a huge field of scotch broom. A good six feet tall. We started to hear a sound like the scotch broom was whipping around. A few times we stopped talking, the noise stopped, and we continued talking. And BTW, we are noisy campers.

Then it got loud in the scotch broom field again. This time we stopped talking and listened, and it kept coming closer it sounded to us. The guy across from the fire from me stood up from his lawn chair, also at that moment we heard a pounce on the gravel road. He said, “Jeanie, what is that?” I heard a second pounce on the gravel and stood up out of my chair and turned around. That’s when I saw it. But only for a moment.

By the time I saw it, it was on our side of the road and was dipping into the trees next to where we were camped. It was Tall. Dark. I didn’t see hair, but the others said they did, but what I noticed was that the back of its head was higher than the front. I just saw its profile as it ran. And it ran fast.

We stood there stunned and silent, I think we were in shock. Then my dog started going crazy, trying to choke himself to get away from it and to us. Then we screamed, men and women, and my dog was still trying to get away. Let me tell you one thing about my dog, he was an Alfa male. He didn’t get buffaloed by anything. But this thing he was scared shitless of. And we could hear that it was close to him because we could hear branches and stuff snapping, really close by. My husband came out of our tent. He told us to shine the flashlight near the dog, we were all too scared to. We simply did not want to see that again. Then one of the other men came over and helped him free our dog.

Everyone was up at this point and started asking us what happened. We told them. My husband said it was just probably some army ranger running around in a guilly suit. None of us thought that was a very good explanation, but that’s the one we went with. Then one of our friends said that her dog started doing something strange right before my dog went nut. She said her dog was trying to dig a hole under their tent. Then we all realized that one dog was unaccounted for. We found her burrowed under a truck. We stayed up long while then went to our tents.

The next day was fine. During the day. But one thing odd that did happen was that some people were riding horses near us, all our dogs barked and tried to chase the horses, but the guy in the guilly suit, they wanted nothing to with. That we remarked about.( Now it is Saturday.) Then as it started to get dusk, we hear some strange screams. Kind of like a woman. But not quite. Kind of confusing to describe, but it sounded like she was in distress. The men took off running from our campsite and into the scotch broom where the screams were coming from. In there, they ran into other campers who had done the same thing. They never found the screaming women.

Then when it was getting dark, we lit a big fire, and kept it stoked, burning bright. Nothing happened for several hours, so we went to our tents. Then about a half hour later one of our friends started complaining that they could hear heavy feet tromping in back of their tent. Everyone got up, pulled the tent stakes up on that tent and pulled it in closer to the rest of ours.

The next morning, Sunday, we packed up and left even before eating. We had a permit to stay until Monday, but we had had enough. Oddly none of us talked about it until about a month and a half later, when we did, we all described what we saw and realized we saw a Bigfoot. and we believe that first night that it might have been trying to eat my dog. It’s just a feeling that we all have. The following summer, 2005, Chambers Lake was closed for camping, because of a supposed bear encounter. We don’t think it was a bear.

So then we started camping out at Lewis Lake, also on Ft. Lewis, but not very far from Chambers. Everything was fine the first few years, but two summers ago strange things started happening out their also. One night my daughter and son in law heard heavy foot steps around the back of their tent. My son also heard that from the tent he was in. No one looked because they were afraid to. Also on that trip my granddaughter and her friend found two deer sculls not too far in the tree line in back of our campsite. That was odd we all thought. Then last summer we were camping at Lewis Lake again. There was our party, 11 of us, and across the lake from us looked like a family of 4, then on the other side of the lake between us and the small family was a bunch of boy scouts camping. Not too far from our campsite we found not large, but pretty big foot prints in some mud. What was odd about the prints is that they were wide feet. Very wide feet. I would love to see the shoes that would fit those.


Later that night, after dark, we started hearing whooping sounds in the woods in back of us. Then we heard some whooping it sounded like over by where the boy scouts were. At first it was whooping between our camp and the boys scouts. But it sounded like an echo so there was some distance. Then it started in behind where the family of 4 were right across the lake from us. But pretty close to them. That family drove off and left their tent and the fire still lit in the middle of the night. I don’t think we are going back to Lewis Lake anymore.”