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A listener wrote the show saying – “I went out actively trying to elicit activity bye making what I thought was a distress call. The thing is I’m from Fl and if I want to call a gator in make a baby call but!! Momma gonna come mad ready to protect and the big bull is gonna come ready to eat the young so either way your f****!(sorry) so….. I became a stale mate of what to do??? Since I’ve listened to the show I have a better understanding and share the info with the hunters I know and others” We decided to have him on…. Class B – Incidents where a possible sasquatch was observed at a great distance or in poor lighting conditions and incidents in any other circumstance that did not afford a clear view of the subject are considered Class B reports. For example, credible reports where nothing was seen but distinct and characteristic sounds of sasquatches were heard are always considered Class B reports and never Class A, even in the most compelling “sound-only” cases. This is because the lack of a visual element.