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My guest is Dustin from Missouri and he has had a lot of strange things going on around his property. He has been stalked while hunting by “something” walking bi-pedal. He talks about a time he killed an deer, pulled the gut pile out and ran back to his house to get something and upon returning his gut pile was gone. Dustin stated “I was only gone for 15min max…the gut pile had been picked up and something walked off with it.” Dustin said everything changed the night he saw the creature, he says “it was like a huge hairy bodybuilder……it was pinned down when I saw it and it was almost like it didn’t know if it should run or fight…it had sharp jerky motions, kid of reminded me of a crackhead” Dustin said prior to this sighting he assumed they were a bunch of drunk homeless guys on his property because they would come up and slap the house in the middle of the night. Dustin said “I heard them one night right before they slapped the house and it sounded like a big guy who had a deep voice but was mumbling, I could not make out what he was saying.” Dustin lives in a very rural area, his driveway alone is a quarter of a mile long.

Dustin has given up hunting which was a great passion of his, he says “I have never seen anything like this, some things you cannot unsee.”