SC EP:12 Class A Encounter Witness Interview

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A listener contacted the show and wanted to share his encounter with us. He contacted us and wrote “I am so relieved to finally hear someone talk sensible about these animals. They are not furry,giant, hippy brothers of the forest. I have seen one at very close range and when it did it’s roar/scream within 15′ of me I could feel it vibrate my insides! I have had a few other times I believe were encounters with these things including one time I believe they were hunting me. Never have I had a good encounter with them. So many so called experts are promoting stupid concepts that are likely to get some people killed. I have hunted and trapped my whole life and know the woods and swamps well.These are definitely the most dangerous animals out there. You are doing a public service by bringing reality to this subject and hopefully waking a few people up to the dangers”