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Many encounters with Sasquatch happen so fast, it leaves people thinking “What was that?”

One of the encounters on Sunday will be with a witness who saw one run across the road, jump and clear a 6 foot embankment. The witness and her husband were shocked by the size of the creature. The witness describes how the creature moved on all fours and the “hair” on the body.

The second witness writes “My boyfriend and I were living about 10 miles east of Huntsville, Texas on a private property with three lakes in the Big Thicket. One night my boyfriend asked me to go get his wallet out of my truck that was parked just below the deck. I immediately had a very uneasy feeling like never before??? I asked him to go instead. He said he would stand on the deck and watch since he did not have his shoes on. I have never been afraid of the dark since it was around 9PM. I finally agreed and walked down to my truck. As my hand grabbed the door, the truck began to vibrate and shake like a 7.2 earthquake!! I was immediately paralyzed but managed to let out a blood curtailing scream as I saw a giant hairy blob jump out of the back of my truck. It seemed to fly all the way across the railroad tracks. This creature filled the entire bed of the truck and I was about one foot from it! My eyes were looking but my body was frozen. I never thought Bigfoot or Sasquatch. We thought it may have been a bear but there were never any sightings of bears there although my boyfriend had mentioned he had tossed his left over hamburger in the bed. We looked for tracks but I explained to my boyfriend that it seems to fly all the way across the railroad tracks landing on the other side.”