SC EP:10 A hunter’s encounter with Bigfoot

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In EP:10 we bring you a hunters encounter with Sasquatch. A listener contacted the show and wanted to share his encounter with Sasquatch. The listener wrote us saying “I had an encounter years ago (1987) in Eastern Washington. It was a three day ordeal with a couple of witnesses. I didn’t see them by choice, but was able to hear them “talk” to one another.Several years ago I spoke to an individual named John Berry who is now deceased, and gave him the details. He was the only person in the bigfoot community that I have spoke to about this. He was very interested in my encounter but I shied away from going further with the ordeal. I’m not looking for public attention and It seems that many of the bigfoot community lack integrity and shame and I just dont want anything to do with that circus environment. You mentioned an area in your interview with a couple of brothers, the Souixon area in Washington, this is an area that I have been hunting and camping in since the 70’s. This is an area that I am very familiar with and that I often bowhunt alone for more than a week at a time. I am interested in knowing more about the activity in the area. I have never found a track but have seen a suspicious figure in the dense fog on the Squaw Butte Trail above Skookum Meadows. I cant be certain as to what I saw there and have filed as merely a unique log and branch combination. I sometimes feel the need to share my experience with a credible individual(s) and maybe get some insight to what I encountered.”