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The field of cryptozoology is one of the most exciting fields of study on the planet…. if it can be take seriously.
With a constant barrage of hoaxers , fraudsters, and carnival barkers trying to make a buck off local myths and legends, the hard science can be lost or disregarded by those who are predisposed to assume the whole thing is a hoax.
On this our first episode of Season 2 we revisit the Great American Ape. Sasquatch.
We dive into Hoaxes in recent years that got major international attention as promising findings that sour into a get rich quick scheme even if it leads to fatal ends. Agent H and the G-Man follow up on interesting footage that may be legitimate and talk about anatomical evidence seen in footage.
After long wait, the cast talks about their own personal encounter with something strange in the woods. An experience that is possibly chiefly responsible for starting down this weird path.

Join us for todays episode : Sasquatch VS HoaxSquatch!