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On episode 16 of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, Ryan is joined by Sammy Waisenen, host of the popular podcast, THE HOWL HORROR PROGRAM. This is a podcast mash-up where Ryan and Sammy discuss their personal UFO sightings, what they love about horror movies, and their admiration for the 1993 film, FIRE IN THE SKY.

FIRE IN THE SKY is the comprehensive story of a logger named Travis Walton who mysteriously disappears in 1975. Walton and co-workers accidentally discover a UFO and unfortunately, they all escape except Walton who is elevated aboard the bizarre aircraft. As time passes, the small town of Snowflake, Arizona begins to believe that the other loggers are covering up the murder of Walton. But when Walton shows up sometime later, his story of what happened is both incredible and downright terrifying.

Sammy and Ryan dissect the film and go in depth about the dichotomy between the Hollywood version and the actual events that Travis Walton recounted to the public. It was a fresh take on this classic UFO film. Will there be a remake that follows Walton’s version in a more accurate light? And what stunning revelations has Travis Walton brought forward about what truly happened to him on the craft that night? Tune in to find out.

Guest Bio: Sammy Waisanen is the creator and host of the HOWL HORROR PROGRAM; a podcast devoted to horror movies of all kinds, from all eras. Each episode, Sammy brings on a wide range of guests including musicians, authors, burlesque performers, and television horror hosts to discuss the movies they love, and why they love them. Sammy is also the co-host of the BACK TO LIFE PODCAST, a podcast about the finer things in life like; fast food, television, aliens, music, and complaining about anything and everything. Both shows can be found on iTunes, Stitcher, and at www.backtolifepodcast.com. Outside of podcasting, Sammy has always been interested in a wide range of topics including talk radio, cryptozoology, UFO’s & aliens, the paranormal, and true crime.

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