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I decided to present my first two conversations with Sam on his podcast Zero, episodes 3: Synchronicity, and 27: The Power Of Positivity I hope you enjoy please subscribe on Rokfin follow our channel, and Follow Zero for my 3rd interview episode 94 of Zero. Also I include some info on numerology. Episode 100 is coming up Leave us a message now to be featured on the 100th episode. Leave me a message at https://podinbox.com/MFTIC:

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Intro Song by Destiny Lab 
Music 1: Wade In The Waters
by Cast Of Characters 
Music 2: Starry Campion
by Isaac Joel
Music 3: Water Colors
by Andrew Stanton 
Music: Fishing For Stars
By Sam Barsh
Music: Crayzie
By Daniel Musto
Released under a Creative Commons Attribution International 4.0 License Thanks To Soundstripe

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