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It’s time for an all-town meeting, and tensions are high.

Created and Produced by Victoria Pereira

There is a transcript for this episode available here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qNkeSiOz9BGxx-jScNbCr5R_esEcCrSN/view?usp=sharing

Victoria Pereira as Avra
Myani Watson as Kendi
Michael Manaloto as Officer Jenkins
Lynn Pereira as Lucinda
Terry Nguyen as Thuy
Abel Zerai as Feno
Christopher Medina as Roger
Amanda Buresh as Maria
Christopher Whiteford as Hudson
Melih Ercan as Feyyaz
McKenna Monheim as the High Council
Caroline Byrne as Sybil
Jennifer Wong as the Stenographer
Amy Acevedo as Juliet
Christina Hargis as Lizzie
Kyle Goss as Reese

Story Editor: Jennifer Wong
Cover Artist: Kit Duprey
Foley Artist: Isaac Rodriguez
Transcriptionist: Rebecca Reiter
Website Designer: Kyle Boyer

Theme Song: “Pink Night in Ohio” by Ryan Andersen

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