S4 Ep2: Alone in the Room (Ghost Stories ‘Short Scares’)

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It’s been a while but finally, we are back with a brand new season – To kick us off this week we are bringing you the first in our series of miniature episodes, which will accompany our usual longer stories, otherwise known as ‘short scares’.

Today we revisit the episode that started it all with a reboot of our pilot – this is ‘Alone in the Room’.

Visit http://ghost-stories.co.uk to vote for if you think this story was adapted from fact or a pure work of fiction.

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Music (in order of appearance):
“Deserted City” – Kai Engel
“Lights Out” – Myuuji (https://youtu.be/t0mpckYc3W8)
“Wasted Wonderland (Piano Version)” – Myuuji (https://youtu.be/XZVygeHwN5M)