S3:E37 – Who Are The Men In Black? | Terrifying True Run-In’s w/ The MIB, Origins & Connections to UFOs

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The concept of the Men in Black can be traced back to the 1950s and 1960s during the early days of the UFO phenomenon. The term “Men in Black” was popularized by author Gray Barker in his 1956 book, “They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers.” Barker claimed to have met mysterious men who warned him to stop investigating UFOs.

According to reports and testimonies, the Men in Black are described as individuals who dress in black suits and hats, often wearing sunglasses. They are said to possess an aura of strangeness and an otherworldly demeanor. Some accounts describe them as having unusually pale complexions, strange facial features, or even appearing non-human.

The primary role attributed to the Men in Black is to suppress information and intimidate witnesses of UFO sightings or encounters with extraterrestrial beings. They allegedly visit witnesses or researchers, often arriving unannounced and displaying an in-depth knowledge of the person’s personal life and the incident in question. They employ various tactics to discourage people from sharing their experiences, including threats, harassment, and warnings of dire consequences.

Theories surrounding the Men in Black suggest that they are not simply government agents, but rather enigmatic figures associated with secretive organizations or even extraterrestrial entities themselves. Some theories propose that the Men in Black are part of a global cover-up to conceal the existence of UFOs and alien visitations, with the aim of protecting national security or maintaining control over advanced technologies.



Who Are The Men In Black? – 0:00
Intro: 2:02
Welcome Back to The Freaky Deaky – 3:21
Dan Aykroyd’s Encounter – 8:41
Albert K. Bender & Gray Barker – 13:21
John Keel, Movies & Pop Culture – 16:15
The Men In Black – 21:30
(Also) The Men in Black – 33:46
The Men In Black (Anotha One) – 39:50
Tune Out For Boring Skeptical Stuff – 47:16
Final Thoughts – 52:28
Outro – 56:49

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