S3, Chapter 3: Space Bats From The Dark Planet

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In the third chapter of season 3, Etsy is hunted by the ex-cultists. Meanwhile in New Orleans, three mysterious deaths cause Officer Mason to seek out an expert.

Written and Produced by Josie Eli Herman & Michael Alan Herman. Directed by Josie Eli Herman.

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This episode features the music:

Baba Yaga, by MONST3R
This Too Shall Pass by Scott Buckley,
Black Lotus, by White Bat Audio.

All featured songs under CC Attribution License

This episode stars (in order of appearance):
Paul Lapczynski as Deputy Paul
Dan Johnson as Officer Mason
Josie Eli Herman as Etsy Delmen
Callie Bussell as Tera Grace Reinhart
Jayla Fletcher as Ivy and Becky Mason
Tim Pollack as Zeke
Emily Betz as a Casino Voice and Brooklyn the LA Waitress
David Collins as a Casino Clerk
Erin Isley as a Casino Chef
Celah Convis as a Showgirl
Jonathan Davidson as Jonah
Mike Sandusky as Jason
Will Myers as The Lighthouse Keeper
Linda Rabin Hammell as Meg
Kryssy Becker as Gwenneth O’Conner
Annie Dilworth as Fargo Kaminski
Michael Alan Herman as Topher Sommers
Allison Megroet as Dani Parker
Mark Ujik as the Cafe Du Monde Waiter
Amanda Buchalter as Simone Sommers

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