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Zuri’s growth as a leader is tested when she has to decide between going with her gut or trusting Mira. Garis and Sarek’s face off continues. The mystery behind Sharp’s strange behavior is revealed. Zuri’s crew comes face to face with Martinez for a final showdown.

This episode features an all new original song, “Ascending,” by Nate Fisher and Felicia Rhiannon (AKA Zuri). 

Ascending is available for purchase on the Fennec Fox website and will be streaming on all major music platforms soon along with the rest of the season two soundtrack!

Written by Nate Fisher

Sound Design by Nate Fisher

Cover Art by Tawni Franzen> https://ayaristudio.com

Score by Nate Fisher

Top Cast:

Zuri: Felicia Hebner

Mira: Megan McMulkin

Alan: Christopher Edwards 

Agent Sharp: Jeff LaFortune 

For a full list of cast and crew, visit: 






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