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In this episode, Ray shares her family’s terrifying experiences after moving into a haunted house in Townsville in 2017. Despite being a relatively new property, various paranormal activities progressively escalate, affecting Ray, her two teenage sons, and even their pet dog.

These incidents range from mysteriously opened cupboard doors and whispering voices to physical manifestations, including a pet’s tongue unnaturally manipulated and a demonic sighting. The intensity of these encounters leads to a palpable sense of fear and anxiety, pervading even through daylight hours. Despite the house being new, the sheer frequency and nature of these incidents suggest a powerful, possibly sinister presence tied more to the land itself than the physical house.

00:00 A Haunting Introduction: Ray’s Story Begins

00:46 Moving Into the Haunted House: The First Signs

03:32 Unsettling Discoveries: Paranormal Activities Escalate

09:08 A Terrifying Encounter: The Demon in the Hallway

11:06 The Selfie Stick Incident: Paranormal Pranks or Threats?

18:20 The Final Straws: Deciding to Leave

34:48 Reflecting on the Haunting: Insights and Theories

39:55 Conclusion: Sharing the Haunting Tale

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