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It’s Episode 23 of Season 20. Come join us around the campfire with tales about killers who give us thrillers.

“Liar’s Lie” written by Andrew Punzo (Story starts around 00:03:40)
Produced by: Phil Michalski
Cast: Bobby – Reagen Tacker, Warden Nast – Jesse Cornett, Francine – Sarah Thomas, Jordan – Atticus Jackson, Pastor Dowd – Mike DelGaudio

“The Confession” written by by C Lenz (Story starts around 00:22:15)
Produced by: Jeff Clement
Cast: Mark Dunne – Jeff Clement

“See Me”
written by M Scott (Story starts around 00:39:55)
Produced by: Jesse Cornett
Cast: Narrator – Erin Lillis

“A Dry Heat”
written by Kevin Bachar (Story starts around 01:17:20)
Produced by: Phil Michalski
Cast: Narrator – David Cummings, Neal – Peter Lewis

“Time Management”
written by Bob Johnston (Story starts around 01:36:35)
Produced by: Phil Michalski
Cast: Davies – David Ault, Danny Rowe – James Cleveland, McLean – Andy Cresswell, Kevin – Jake Benson

“The Bystander”
written by LP Hernandez (Story starts around 01:56:20)
Produced & scored by: David Cummings
Cast: Avery – Kyle Akers, Mom – Kristen DiMercurio, Gary 2 – Graham Rowat, Uncle Dale – Dan Zappulla, Rita – Wafiyyah White

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Executive Producer & Host: David Cummings
Musical score composed by: Brandon Boone
“The Confession” illustration courtesy of Catriel Tallarico

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