S2 Ep2: Social Engineering, False Flags, and The Fourth Industrial Revolution with Charlie Robinson

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(Discussion begins at 25:15)

Dan opens the episode with an astrology talk for the week of September 7, 2020, to September 13, 2020, followed by an interview with author and podcaster Charlie Robinson.  Dan and Charlie have an off the rails chat on all things conspiracy, including the Denver Airport, Q anon, social justice warriors, the fourth industrial revolution, common core education, 9/11, BLM, and a whole lot more!  Patrons of the show will get an additional chat between Dan and Charlie about psychedelics.  To become a patron for just $5 a month, check out patreon.com/cosmickeys !

See Charlie’s links below:

Website: http://theoctopusofglobalcontrol.com/

Book, The Octopus of Global Control: http://theoctopusofglobalcontrol.com/buy-the-book/

Twitter: @macroaggressio3