S1E4 – Halloween Special with Cat Sith (Ft. Brooke Upholzer)

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Happy Halloween! Join Cat Síth, Florida Man, and Cheesehead for a very special episode of The Talegate as they grab pints at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and discuss the true origin of Halloween: the Celtic harvest festival of Samhain. Think you know Halloween? I mean, you probably do, but get ready to know EVEN MORE!

Samhain is only one of four seasonal festivals held by the ancient Celts. Though this is considered the true predecessor to what we know today as Halloween, not all of our modern traditions are the same as theirs. Jack'o'lanterns weren't children's activities, but avatars for spiritual guardians to ward off evil faeries and spirits such as Cat Síth and were carved of root vegetables, not pumpkins. Similar but far more gruesome than the costumed Trick'r'Treat is the tradition of the White Mare, where Celtic crews would don a cloth and mask made of horse's skull and go from farm from farm demanding tribute.

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Brooke Upholzer reprises her role as the ever-crass Cat Síth. You can listen to Brooke co-hosts the self-help podcast, Dear Me, Love Me, along with Tee Boyich.

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