S1E36 – Round Table Discussion: Disclosure, UFO’s, Alien Life, Cover-Ups & The Stimulus Bill

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Welcome back to The Freaky Deaky! In today’s Round Table episode we discuss Disclosure. In what feels like a tale as old as time at this point, we are once again riding the “disclosure will happen this year!” wave, and speculating on whether or not the information released, thanks to the Covid Stimulus Bill, will actually hold any real weight. The powers that be have a sneaky way of finding loopholes when pressed for information regarding Alien Life, UFO’s and anything of that nature. Will this be yet another swing and a miss, or will we actually see some concrete information that’s been kept from the general population for more time than we’d care to admit?

What are your thoughts? Do you think this time be different? Is 2021 the year that the U.S. Gov’t actually discloses all of their juicy secrets? Or do you think we’re all gettin our hopes up for what will surely be nothing more than another drop of heavily redacted information that leads us no closer to the truth? Shoot us an email with your take on the matter! Email us at thegang@thefreakydeaky.com 

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