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Episode Notes

Q-File 3: The Haunted Hinsdale House. The Hinsdale House, located in Hinsdale, New York, is allegedly the most haunted home in the state, and one of the most notoriously violent hauntings in the country. Hinsdale, much like Amityville, has all the makings of a classic haunting. Ghostly manifestations, levitating objects, glimpses of demonic looking creatures, and at least one exorcism.

In part 1 we explored the outside of this enchanted property. In part 2, we venture inside in search of ghosts…or evidence of the alleged demon that haunts Hinsdale.

This is part 2 of a 3 part series.

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Your hosts, Shane McClelland and Lori Gum, the self-proclaimed queer Mulder and Scully, are curious explorers of the weird and strange. They co-created the hit series ‘Queer Ghost Hunters’ and together with their team of paranormal experts explore the strange, the unknown, and the phenomena outside popular consciousness.

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The music in this episode was provided by ‘Sounds Like An Earful’ and is titled: “They Say It’s Haunted