S1E29 – The Hat Man: Pt 1 – Hatman Encounters, Shadow People Theories & Experiences

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Welcome back to The Freaky Deaky! In Part I, the gang tackles the terror inducing shadow entity commonly referred to as The Hatman. Be sure to join us for Part II of The Hatman where we welcome guest Amanda Smith to share with us her personal run-in’s with The Hatman, as well as a slew of other paranormal events that have taken place throughout her life.


The Hat Man is a dark shadow in its entirety, without clear bodily details. For anyone familiar with the Shadow Person phenomenon, The Hatman is often referred to as their shadowy leader. Although there are no reports of violence, The Hatman is far from harmless. Hatman has been spoken of as a distinct entity and more often than not, witnesses report feeling absolute terror upon seeing him.


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