S1E20 – Season Finale: Little Red Riding Hood and The Rougarou (ft. Melissa Fallin)

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The Talegate Podcast has reached its Season One Finale! We are exactly half way in our journey West. Join us for our breathtaking, cliff-hanging Mid-Season Finale where we interview Little Red Riding Hood and discuss the origins of her own iconic fairytale, NOLA's own Lougarou or Rougarou, and werewolves at large!

After this episode, The Talegate Podcast will be taking a break from it's regularly scheduled full episodes each Tuesday while we regroup, research, write, and record the next second batch of content. That said, we will still aim to release SOMETHING each Tuesday to hold you over. If you want to continue supporting us in the mean time, please share our podcast with others, leave reviews on Apple Podcast, and listen to any episodes you missed! It would really mean a lot.

Little Red Riding Hood is voiced by actress, Melissa Fallin. You can follow Melissa on Instagram @missafallin, through her website, and on her Youtube channel.

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